The renowned Son Jarocho musician, Andres Flores, visited Sacramento for a live concert at the Rincones de Mi Tierra dance studio. We were commissioned to create a poster for the event and this was the result. We wanted the final product to feel organic, so we purposely kept to a hand made process.

We used serigraphy to create silkscreen prints of the image. While the original design was created with pencil, pen and paper, it is meant to look like a woodcut print, a process in which material is carved away from a slab of wood and then printed on paper like a stamp. We’ve always been fascinated by this type of art, especially by Mexican artists Jose Guadalupe Posada in the early 1900’s and more recently by the Mexican woodcut artist Humberto Valdez.

Notice the difference between the first draft of the image and the final poster. We created multiple drawings to address the proportions of the arm, the design of the Jarana, and other details. The image of the Jarana itself is based on the one that Andres uses himself, which has a very distinct body shape and beautiful carved designs on the bridge and the headstock.